Vegetarians May Have Lower Breast Cancer Risk

The vegetarian characterized by the consumption of vegetables and legumes can be a decisive factor in the risk of a woman to express breast cancer.

At a time when cancer presents an alarming increase, it is very important to identify those factors that can either promote or genesi to be effective in the prevention and suppression.

No doubt the role of nutrition is crucial. It is already known and accepted that certain foods help in the event of cancer while others have a protective effect against cancer.

According to international data almost 1 in 3 cancers could be prevented through a healthy diet. In a recent survey carried out in England, studied the issue of chortofagias and its relationship with the ground and frequency of breast cancer.

The researchers focused on women who had emigrated to England from India and East Asia. In these countries the traditional diet is vegetarian and contains mainly vegetables and pulses.

Among women who emigrated some have maintained the traditional vegetarian diet while others have adopted the eating habits of Western Europe is characterized by high consumption of meat and food of animal origin.

The survey included 240 women with breast cancer and 477 healthy women.

The findings were that women who had emigrated from India and East Asia, which had maintained the vegetarian habits with plenty of vegetables and pulses, showed fewer cases of breast cancer compared with women of the same origin, but abandoned their traditional diet and ate more meat and animal products. These findings and argue that the vegetarian diet reduces the risk for breast cancer, but it is not clear what role it plays by itself, abstention from excessive consumption of meat.

Since then he has already confirmed that excessive consumption of red meat is associated with the challenge of cancer particularly chontrou bowel and rectum. It is possible that the reduction of red meat in the diet have a role in reducing the risk for breast cancer.

In addition, the vegan diet rich in fruits, legumes and vegetables seem to play an essential role in preventing many diseases of the cardiovascular system and reduce the risk of various cancers including breast cancer.