Tamoxifen Bodybuilding: Increasing Muscle Mass Using Tamoxifen Citrate

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In the majority of men who work out, having more muscle mass is important to them. This means that finding any possible way which can help them add muscle mass is very important to them. One drug that has been known to fix this problem for these men is Tamoxifen citrate.

Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets

Tamoxifen citrate or what the majority of men know as Nolvadex is a drug that has been praised for its advantages when it comes to helping men and women in dealing with breast cancer. In women, breast cancer usually arises as a result of too much estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone which is largely found in women. The way tamoxifen prevents breast cancer in women is by working to block the activity of estrogen in women’s breast.

In bodybuilding, this medication which is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) has found its applications too. In most cases, bodybuilders will use steroids in order to increase the rate of their muscle growth. Tamoxifen has proven important for men who use anabolic steroids. Men use this drug as a post cycle therapy which usually helps in dealing with the estrogen related side effects which usually arise after they have taken their steroids.

Tamoxifen Bodybuilding Dosage

In the majority of cases when men and women use tamoxifen to aid in the treatment of breast cancer, the starting dosage is usually placed and 40 mg each day. This dosage is usually spread out throughout the day which means that no adult man or woman is allowed to take tamoxifen 40mg all at once. The 40 mg is usually used at the beginning of the tamoxifen therapy. After that, a lot of breast cancer patients will continue to use this drug at a dosage of 10 to 20 mg each day.

For men who depend on tamoxifen to aid them in bodybuilding, their standard dosage is usually placed at between 10 to 20 mg spread out throughout the day. This means if a bodybuilder opts to use 20mg of this drug, he will be using 10 mg in the morning and 10 mg in the afternoon. This is usually a dosage which is applied in order to help men in the treatment of gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a condition which is as a result of the increased estrogen binding to the mammary tissue in men’s breasts.

For PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) bodybuilders use a different dosage. PCT is the 3 to 6 weeks period which follows steroid use. This is implemented in order to increase the natural testosterone production which is usually suppressed during the process of using anabolic steroids. In this case, the recommended dosage is using 40 mg each day for the first 2 to 3 weeks before reducing the dosage to 20 mg each day for the remaining 2 to 3 weeks. Now that you already know the dosage at which you can use Tamoxifen citrate to help you in bodybuilding, the question which remains is about where you can actually purchase this drug.

Tamoxifen 20 mg Online

Tamoxifen is already available as a generic drug. This means that online drugstores already stock the drug and you have the ability to acquire it easily without the need to go and get a doctor’s prescription as it is usually the case when you are buying the brand versions of this drug.

Generic Tamoxifen

Generic Tamoxifen

Although this drug is also available in its branded form at local drugstores, buying it from these stores is not as lucrative as obtaining it online. The reason behind this is because when you buy it from local drugstores, you will have to pay a lot of cash for the drug and at the same time, you will need to have a prescription from a doctor. At the local drugstores, the cost for tamoxifen is usually placed at $65.94. Online, you can save more than 84% of your money since this drug is available for only $9.99.

One thing that you need to note when you are buying this drug online is that there are people who are very skilled at tricking people and then stealing from them. These people usually hide behind their websites which usually resemble real drugstores. They will lie to you, steal from you or sell you fake drugs and then disappear. Avoid these scammers easily by buying your tamoxifen citrate only from drugstores that you can trust. Since we already know that determining the online drugstores that you can trust online is not easy, we have taken the initiative to find these drugstores for you. We have compiled the top rated online drugstores into a list which is available for you to use for free. Only purchase from the pharmacies available on this list to avoid scammers.

Nolvadex Bodybuilding Side Effects

Nolvadex contains tamoxifen as the active ingredient. In the majority of cases, the drug doesn’t contain any negative consequences when men use it in the correct way. Some men may misuse this drug even without knowing.



The reason as to why this usually happens is due to buying tamoxifen from drugstores which usually sell fake drugs. Fake drugs will either contain the active ingredient in excess or the wrong active ingredient. Both will always end up messing your health. To prevent this from happening, always order from the online drugstores that we recommend to you.

Some of the mild side effects that tamoxifen citrate users have reported include flushing, leg cramps, bone pain, and nausea. These are not common although in some cases they are present. They usually don’t last and if you find them lasting longer than anticipated, you should always seek medical attention.


Bodybuilding usually involves dealing with a range of hormones. Balancing both testosterone is and estrogen is essential for men who wish to grow their muscles. For men to achieve this they require help from drugs. One drug that has proven essential is tamoxifen. This drug aids in managing the levels of estrogen in both men and women and also restoring men’s natural testosterone production after using steroids.

This drug is available in its generic versions. This means that you no longer need a doctor’s prescription for you to buy it. It also means that the drug is available online and you have the ability to save a lot of cash when buying it. You need to be careful when you are buying your drugs online. You should never buy from drugstores that you don’t know about. The top-rated pharmacies we recommend to you are all genuine and have been known to deliver in time.

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