Sildenafil and Blood Pressure

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You may wonder, what is the relationship between blood pressure and sildenafil? It would interest you to know that Sildenafil is not good only in bed, it is also good in heart. In bed, Sildenafil facilitates the flow of blood to the penile area to improve your sex life, while in the heart this drug can prevent heart muscle thickening and early-stage heart attack. The drug is used in treating high blood pressure in the lungs (Pulmonary Hypertension). Pulmonary hypertension is a high blood pressure affecting your lungs. This is a serious health condition because, when the heart works harder to pump blood through all the time, it becomes weak and prone to failure. Common symptoms include: breathing difficulty, shortness of breath, dizziness, rapid breathing, and rapid heart rate.

Pulmonary Hypertension

It works for the treatment of a high blood pressure in the lungs (Pulmonary Hypertension), by allowing blood to flow more easily. It allows blood to flow easily by relaxing and expanding the blood vessels, thus, allowing your heart and lungs to work better, and also improve your ability to do adequate exercise.

Viagra Lowers Blood Pressure

In many cases, blood pressure is high as a result of vasoconstriction. Vasoconstriction refers to the narrowing of blood vessels. Viagra has the ability to act as a vasodilator, that is, widen blood vessels. This results from relaxation of smooth muscle cells within the vessel walls. Viagra also has the ability to enhance nitric oxide which lowers blood pressure. Nitric oxide lowers blood pressure because it is a vasodilator. It is important to note that when using nitrates, the consumption of viagra should be avoided. This is because the combination of drugs such as nitrates (and drugs such as nicorandil) with viagra is contraindicated. The combination of viagra and nitrates could cause hypotension and can be severe. Hypotension is an abnormally low blood pressure.

Furthermore, the dosage of viagra when using it for treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension differs from the dosage used when using it to treat Erectile Dysfunction. The dosage used for treating blood pressure is much lower than that used for the treatment erectile dysfunction. The appropriate dosage is 5 or 20 mg orally three times a day, 4 to 6 hours apart. The Maximum dose is 20 mg 3 times a day.

Sildenafil 20 mg

Sildenafil 20 mg

The drug could be taken with or without a meal as there is no difference indicated when the drug is consumed with food and when a drug is consumed without food. Make sure you seek immediate medical attention in the event of sudden decrease or loss in hearing. A doctor should also be conducted if there is a sudden decrease or loss of vision.

Can High Blood Pressure Trigger Erectile Dysfunction?

Men experiencing high blood pressure can in many cases experience erectile dysfunction. Although the common cause of erectile dysfunction is a damage to the lining of the arteries to the penis, which causes blockage preventing blood from flowing to the penile area, thus, preventing erection from occurring.

Your arteries could become thicker, or even burst as a result of high blood pressure. Consequently, restricting blood flow to your penile area, thereby, resulting in erectile dysfunction.

Some drugs used to treat high blood pressure could also trigger erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction problems can be triggered by thiazide diuretics and beta-blockers. However, this is not an usual effect and will not happen to everyone. If you are consuming either of these medicines and worried about erectile dysfunction symptoms, your PCP may be able to help by changing your medicines.

What Was Viagra Originally Made for

In reality, viagra was tested for the treatment of heart problems, but ended, up being widely used to treat erectile dysfunction. Flipping history pages, in 1989, the scientists Peter Dunn and Albert Wood created the drug sildenafil citrate to treat high blood pressure and angina (a chest pain caused by coronary heart disease). In the early 1990s, a team of Pfizer scientists carried out a few trials on the use of viagra to treat heart diseases.

Viagra History

Viagra History

According to the research, several volunteers who sildenafil citrate was administered to reported increased erections several days after taking a dose of the drug. In 1996 Pfizer patented Sildenafil Citrate in the USA and in 1998 FDA approves the use of viagra for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In the following weeks, experts report, that US pharmacists dispense over a thousand. Viagra suddenly became the hottest drug virtually everywhere in the world. In the year 2000, the first set of deaths caused by viagra were reported. Deaths amounted up to 522. 522 patients died while using viagra and data shows that a high number of deaths and adverse cardiovascular associated with the use of viagra. However, we do not imply that there is an existence of a cause and effect relationship. Up until now, viagra is more recognized for the treatment of erectile dysfunction when compared to its use for the treatment of high blood pressure.


Sildenafil is effective and commonly used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. And it could also be used for the treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension, a kind of blood pressure that affect the arteries in the lungs and the right part of the heart. The original purpose of creating this drug was for the treatment of blood pressure disease. Finally, beware of scams, there are several fraudsters on the internet. Also, ensure you check our top list of recommended pharmacies.

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