Modrasil Review: A Generic Viagra from the Czech Republic without Patient Reviews

Brand: Modrasil

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction


Country of Manufacture: Prague

Modrasil Package Image

Review and Description

Modrasil is an impotence antidote and a generic form of Viagra from the heart of Europe. It is developed and produced by Pro.meds. CS pharma a.S whose headquarters sit on Prague the largest and capital city of Czech Republic. The pharma company also provides other impotence remedies such as Tadalafil. The company was incepted in 1989 by Dr.Bare, but it acquired its current name in 1993. The manufacturing plant is well equipped with cutting-edge technology and a competent team of experts under the able hands of its managing director Thomas Bare an heir to the founding father of the company. It skews its research to the production of quality capsules, tablets and film tablets in gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal areas. It draws its pride from its 1996 certification of Good manufacturing practices and a record of excellent deliveries. To cope up with the demands of over (25) countries in which imports its products, it maintains a production of two million products per day. The pharma exporter is also associated with the internationally recognized Dr. Bares awards which are sought after by clinicians across the world. The motive behind it is to identify new talents and innovations in the field of experimental and clinical sciences in hepatology and gastroenterology. On the 25th company anniversary back in 2013, the award attracted contestants from seventeen countries.

Modrasil is presented by pro.meds.CS in a blister pack of four films coated tablets each containing various strengths of the active ingredient. The standard dose is 50 Mg while the highest dose is 100 Mg tablet without an exclusion to the starters who are recommended to take its 25 Mg dose. The pills’ effectiveness lies on the Sildenafil citrate which is the most dominant chemical. The prescription medication increases the relaxation of the muscles around the erectile tissues thus improving the flow of blood to the penis. The efficiency of the circulation becomes the backbone of a normal erection for Erectile Dysfunction(ED) patients. The outcomes do not show without a physical input, and so it calls for the usual arousal procedures to be followed after the consumption.

Customer Reviews

Customer feedbacks are crucial in testifying on the efficacy of the reviewed products and the service providers. They are of great use for potential clients especially when the product in question is a medication because one has a lot to lose by experimenting with their health and money. Uncommon to my sight was the lack of reviews on the internet regarding generic impotencies more precisely Modrasil. It makes me wonder whether it is yet to be consumed by a single soul or it’s just that it’s weak at its work that its clients feel less motivated to review. Despite it being a version of brand Viagra one that tops the list for ED treatment it cannot be said to leverage on the potency of its branded counterpart. Pro.meds. CS has launched several medications some of which have been hugely reputed over its more than two decades of existence. In fact, it has some other generic impotence products that have proved their worth to their consumers. Probably all that Modrasil needs is a little boost on its marketing to make it gather several user comments. As of now I still stand because you should opt for a product that has ticked off the boxes on the consumer’s checklists.

Pricing and Dosage

Just like most Sildenafil Citrate tablets Modrasil constitutes of a standard dose of 50 Mg tablets, a minimum of 25 Mg and a maximum of 100 Mg. Either of the quantity pills is packed in a box of four tablets. The commodity is sought after in local Czech websites such as the ( with a promise of its availability along the day.

A pack of 100 Mg of Modrasil is traded at 680 Czech Koruna which is an equivalent of $ 31

A pack of 100 Mg of Modrasil is traded at 680 Czech Koruna which is an equivalent of $ 31.066 meaning that a pill goes for $ 7.665. A price that is slightly inferior compared to that of brand Viagra which is mostly sold at $ 8.00 per tablet.

How to Buy Modrasil Online

Modrasil has a limitation on its accessibility outside the boundaries of Czech Republic, but as we wait for it to make displays on internationally serving virtual pharmacies, Fildena is the alternative to buy. It is more so the same in quantification scales, but its pricing is quite affordable as it is averagely traded between $(1.34 -1.74). You can find it in the following links at reasonable global shipping services that stands at or lower than $ 20.00 for the trackable courier or $ 10.00 for the standard airmail.

How to Use

Modrasil is administered once daily with the help of water as the only solvent. It can also be consumed when the need arises with the condition that one ought to take it an hour prior the sexual encounter and through the practical use of external sexual stimuli. Some of the foods and beverages that reduces the potency of the drug are fatty foods, grapefruit juices, and alcoholic drinks.

Side Effects

A full health screening is necessary to rule out the possibilities of Kidney diseases, liver infections, diabetes as well as heart problems before the prescription of sildenafil citrate products. The mentioned conditions are known to accelerate its adverse outcomes leading to hypotension, prolonged erections and the temporary loss of hearing and visual capacities. On the contrary, an ED patient void of these conditions can rarely experience the same effects. Some of the mild side effects associated with it are headaches, muscle and backaches, runny or stuffy nose, flushing around the face, stomach upsets and dizziness.

Conclusion with Rating

Modrasil is a composition of chemicals known to suppress the symptoms of impotence with Sildenafil citrate being its greatest proponent. The generic Viagra is from Czech Republic courtesy of a twenty-eight -year old company by the name of Pro.meds. CS pharma a.S. The latter lacks user reviews on the internet, and therefore I award it 2 stars out of a handful. It is advisable to try a more recognized brand and consult your physician before purchasing the product.