Japanese Miso Soup Can Prevent Breast Cancer

Miso soup is a very important diet in Japan. Miso is made by soybean through a special process. Recently, Tokyo, Japan’s National Cancer Institute issued a report with large-scale experiments, as long as women to drink a day for three or four bowls of miso soup, breast cancer risk may be reduced by 40%. This research is up to 10 years, and more than 20,000 Japanese females of 40-59 year-old participated in the study.

There are many types of Japanese soybean paste, mainly are soybean-based. According to the materials are divided into rice paste, wheat paste, bean paste three categories. There are two types of red and white, according to the different tastes of different origin, a very strong local flavor. Many Japanese miso soup known as the “old mother’s cooking.”

Miso soup is not only nutritious, and delicious taste. When the production first boil water into your favorite ingredients. In addition to adding seasonal Japanese vegetables, but also likes to put tofu, mushroom-slip, and algae, such as scallops. Followed by the delicious taste of the soup is a critical step: a tablespoon soup ladle, spoon into the soybean paste stirred in to make it dissolved into the pot, certainly not to allow the addition of miso soup boil again.

The soybean paste of raw materials contained in isovaleraldehyde is a natural plant hormone, which in addition to the prevention of breast cancer, can reduce the hormones associated with the incidence of tumors. There is a Japanese proverb, “a daily bowl of miso soup do not have prescription.” Miso contains lactic acid bacteria and yeast and other beneficial micro-organisms to digest protein. According to the survey, a daily drink a bowl of miso soup, low incidence of gastric ulcer, because the yeast paste conducive to digestion.

Japan nutrition experts also suggested that school children drink a breakfast bowl of miso soup, miso soup because it can be quickly absorbed stomach, miso soup contains lecithin, vitamin can be more active brain cells.