Fildena Super Active Reviews: Is the Drug as Effective as Advertised?

Fildena Super Active is a generic version of the brand drug manufactured by Pfizer which is known as Viagra or the diamond-shaped blue pill. It is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare a company which is headquartered in India. This medication is available in the form of soft gel capsules. This drug is a perfect solution for men who do not want to want to take hard pills. It is soft and hence its absorption rate into the bloodstream is much higher than the normal sildenafil citrate tablets. It is specifically designed to eliminate impotence in all men irrespective of their age.

Fildena Super Active

Each Fildena Super Active pill will contain 100 mg sildenafil citrate. The drug does its job by inhibiting the enzyme known as PDE5 which is found naturally in the human body. By inhibiting this enzyme, Fildena Super active and all the other medications which contain sildenafil citrate will keep the blood vessels wide enough. More blood is therefore allowed to flow to the male sex organ and hence filling the spongy tissues. This results in a strong erection that can handle any sexual session.

Fildena Super Active Consumer Reviews

It is easy to lose money when you buy a drug for the first time because the drug might turn out to be something that does not work. But, it is easier to confirm whether a drug works before buying it. Drug users are kind enough to state their experience with the drugs they use in order to help other users determine whether the drugs are worth the shot. Looking at the following consumer feedback will tell you whether you should take Fildena Super Active or you will need to find another solution.

Fildena Super Active Reviews

Fildena Super Active Reviews

John Walker who had been suffering from impotence says that he could not swallow gelatin capsule easily. However, after purchasing the gel caps (Fildena Super Active) he found that these were the best for him. He found the pills were cheap and had sildenafil citrate as the active component. The drug offered him the results that he had been expecting.

John Magana says that Fildena Super Active works great as it is advertised. He did not notice any side effects or allergic reactions after taking the medication. He says that the drug will work better when the user consumes it on an empty stomach.

Scott Jackson is very happy with Fildena Super active. This drug as he claims is a real blessing to him. It managed to save his marriage.

Crane Stephenson is another happy man. The drug worked great for him. He did not have to deal with any major side effects.

The first thing that you will notice in all the above reviews above is that the men have rated Fildena Super Active five stars. This indicates that the medication worked great for them. This shows you that you will not regret purchasing the drug. But, where can you purchase it?

Super Fildena Online

If you are looking to purchase any drug from a store that will favor you in terms of low prices, the best choice that you can make is to buy your medications from an online store. However, it is good to note that you should always stay safe by ensuring that you are sure of the history of the pharmacy that you buy from. Thousands of stores available online will not deliver real drugs. They deliver counterfeit drugs. The drugs will wreak havoc on your health. Instead of ending erectile dysfunction, you will find yourself with even more complications.

Fildena 50

Fildena 50

Counterfeit drugs will either contain Sildenafil citrate in amounts that are too high such that you will end up overdosing while you think that you are taking your drug correctly. Results which arise from overdosing include Priapism. This is a condition that can kill your dream of having an awesome sex life. It destroys the muscle tissues present in your sex organ. This makes sure that you cannot use your sex organ again. The best way to avoid issues with counterfeit drugs is to ensure that you buy them from an online pharmacy that has evidence that shows that they have delivered genuine drugs before. This can be determined by checking the number of customers they serve and also checking if other agencies approve them. We have already determined these drug stores for you. Buying from them will offer you the following prices for Fildena Super Active:

Fildena Super Active Review

Fildena Super Active Review

10 pills require you to pay only $22.40. This means that you pay $2.24 for a single pill. This price goes down if you buy a package that has more pills. 120 pills will only require you to pay a mere $1.66 for each pill. This is a cost that anyone can afford.

How to Take Fildena Super Active

Your dosage for any medication should be determined by a doctor. Therefore, after purchasing Fildena super active, ask your doctor to prescribe a favorable dosage for you. For the average male, a 50mg dosage taken once per day about an hour before intercourse works great.

The dosage is increased for males who cannot achieve an erection and it is decreased for those men who experience numerous side effects. Taking Fildena Super Active before a meal will allow the drug to get absorbed faster into your bloodstream and hence it will function faster. Taking Fildena Super Active more than once on the same day is dangerous since you will end up having numerous side effects. The drug will be in your body for 22 hours. Thus, adding more sildenafil citrate is not recommended.


The reviews for Fildena Super Active listed here proof that this medication works perfectly in the elimination of impotence. For men who are unsure of whether to buy this drug or to not buy it, we strongly recommend that you buy it. You will not regret. The only thing that you have to be very careful about is getting lured into a trap by scam stores. You cannot spot these scam stores easily. Therefore, we don’t want you to try to weed out these stores by guessing. Instead, we have performed a deep underground research to determine top drug sellers who have a good reputation and great products which they deliver on time to their customers. We suggest that you only consider buying your medications from these stores.