Fildena Super Active 100mg Reviews: Easy To Swallow and Effective

People have a difficult time trying to decide whether they want to buy a product or not, especially if it is new. So, of course, they tend to check what other people have to say about it, such as whether it can really do what it does or if it’s any good. Men nowadays are very concerned with their sexual health and thus erectile dysfunction pills have become a common commodity. These medications come in the dozens, and it can be hard to determine ones that work and ones that don’t. What do reviewers have to say about Fildena Super Active?

Some of the Best Pills from Fildena

Before diving in, readers should know that Fildena is the brand name for a group of ED pills that have gained popularity in India and are now gaining like wildfire throughout the world. It comes in a series of different dosage forms and even pill colors to distinguish one from the other. In this case, Fildena Super Active pills are colored blue and come in 100mg tablets. The unique thing about these pills, though, is that they come in soft gel form. This means that are much easier to swallow than the hard capsule pills found frequently in the market, making it easier for men with problems in swallowing to take the pill.

Great Reviews from Real Users

Great Reviews from Real Users

If you look at the reviews that were submitted by customers, the numbers don’t lie. A huge majority of them gave positive feedback concerning Fildena. They said that it was not only effective but it was also much easier to take in. Many men were ecstatic to find out about this drug and have been using it ever since. If you dig into the history of the company, you’ll also find that Fortune Health Care, the manufacturer, has also had its share of achievements. The company is trusted in India, and they have been able to sell their products to overseas buyers for some year now, which is likely due to their attention to quality and potency.

Fildena Super Active Softgel

The soft gel formulation of Fildena Super Active is no accident. There have been several men over the years who found it hard to swallow their tablets as they were in their hard capsule version. Fortune Health Care took it upon themselves to sort out an alternative for men who were also adverse to the chewable version of pills and came up with this easy to swallow design.

Fildena Super Active Pills

Fildena Super Active Pills

The instructions for using this drug are simple. You can ingest the soft gel version just like the regular version of most ED pills. However, it should be noted that the pill should not be taken more than once in a day. The drug should be taken with water and is best on a nearly empty stomach. Alcohol is also ill-advised with this medication. Some men have reported that they also experience a faster onset of effects, which could be due to the soft gel covering making it easier to dissolve.

Fildena Compared To Viagra

The name Viagra rings familiarly in many people’s ears. After all, it is the very first ED pill that was developed and has since then been one of the world’s most recommended ED treatments. Aside from this, there is a lot of controversy surrounding this pill, considering the incredibly high prices that accompany it in the world’s pharmacies. Fildena is much cheaper in comparison, but this is because the product is made as a generic and produced against a large number of competitors outside of the US. In the US, Viagra is still a highly expensive drug since it is one of the only ones approved for use as an ED pill.

Viagra is the Go-To ED Pill

Viagra is the Go-To ED Pill

Despite their differing appearances, Viagra and Fildena have more in common than other drugs. Viagra first started out as Sildenafil in the lab while scientists were researching about it. It was only when Pfizer discovered the ED-treating properties that the label ‘Viagra’ was slapped onto it. Fildena is marked as a generic Viagra due to the fact that it contains the same main ingredient, Sildenafil. Both drugs are known to have similar side effects and benefits as well.

How To Take Fildena Super Active

Fildena Super Active is a newer variation of the Fildena pills, so you should be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions. Be sure to take the 100mg dose once a day at the maximum. You should remember that the pill starts kicking in about an hour after you take it, and will continue to work for 5 hours on average, which is more than enough time for most to get a satisfactory sexual experience. Keep in mind that sexual arousal and stimulation is needed to elicit an erection.


Fildena Super Active is a medication that is making plenty of men and their partners happy in the bedroom. Not only is it an effective formula, but this pill is also a brand new form of the pill with a soft gel covering. This makes it much easier for men to swallow the drug and a few have even said that the time in which it comes into effect is shorter. When compared to Viagra, this drug still has its merits for being a cheaper version of Viagra sold at decent prices. Learning how to take the drug properly will help you get a better result, so make sure you listen closely to your doctor’s instructions.

Fildena Super Active is a drug that can only typically be acquired through online stores and vendors. However, this shouldn’t alarm you too much, as many vendors actually have good reputations with their customers and have shown to give great deals with good service. If you check out the list we’ve provided here, you can find yourself some good examples of trustworthy pharmacies online. Otherwise, you may find yourself purchasing fake products or counterfeit drugs from shady vendors. Check our List of Recommended Virtual Pharmacies that sell quality Fildena.