Fildena Strong 120: Get A Stronger Erection With Your ED

One of a man’s greatest sources of pride is when he can deliver a good sexual performance for his partner. However, men everywhere have been noticing a great decline in their sexual capabilities, often to resulting frustration and a drop in self-esteem. This condition is known as erectile dysfunction, or sexual impotence, which is usually recognized when a man has difficulty keeping up his erection and it seems to drop in stiffness before climax can be achieved, which can be a huge disappointment for both the man and his lover. What they need would be a pick-me-up in the form of Fildena.

Fildena 120mg Strong tablets

Fildena Strong is one of many different medications under Fildena, a brand of erectile dysfunction pills. These pills are meant to give a boost to a man’s performance in bed and also help a man gain more stamina and power with every thrust. Right in the name itself, men can expect a better, stronger erection that will last them until the end of intercourse and leave them feeling more than satisfied. The 120 on the packaging stands for the dosage in mg. Fildena is made up of Sildenafil Citrate, the main ingredient that is also found in Viagra, so you can bet that this medication also treats it just as well as the branded version can.

Fildena Strong 120 Reviews

Fildena Strong has gained a lot of loyal buyers in the past few years, and if you read what they have got to say about this medication, you won’t wonder why. Fildena Strong works its magic on even the most stubborn cases of ED, and men report that they feel like they were back in their 20’s in terms of their sexual capabilities. A lot of men have noticed that not only were they getting better erections, they also felt more empowered. This is because Sildenafil is a PDE5 inhibitor, the mechanism of action of which is to improve your body’s circulation. With more blood in the system, man can get more oxygen and nutrients throughout their body, and more blood can be pumped into the male organ during arousal.

Reviewers give Fildena Strong a Thumbs Up

Reviewers give Fildena Strong a Thumbs Up

Sildenafil tablets are usually set to the highest dose of about 100mg for other generic brands. However, some men still don’t notice any significant changes to their condition when they take this dose, so Fildena’s manufacturers, Fortune Health Care, decided to formulate a 120mg dose that could overcome the ceiling and help men gain stronger erections when 100 wasn’t cutting it. They also made sure to produce Fildena pills with only the highest quality ingredients and to make sure that operations ran with the highest standards in mind.

Is Fildena As Good As Viagra?

Fildena sounds amazing on paper, but how does it hold up against Viagra? Everyone has heard of this wonder pill, which was discovered about two decades ago by Pfizer’s scientists. They were testing out this drug for potential benefits to heart problems, only to find out that it was helping men get better erections instead. The drug that was doing this was, in fact, Sildenafil, Fildena’s main ingredient. Sildenafil was then given the brand name Viagra by Pfizer and ever since then, the drug has been making headlines all over the world.

The Very First ED Pill Developed

The Very First ED Pill Developed

The medications are both outfitted with the same main ingredient, so you can expect to see more or less the same effects if you take similar doses. In fact, you can also find that they give the same side effects, too. The major difference between the two is that Viagra is highly expensive, while Fildena, as a “generic Viagra” is sold at much more affordable prices, especially online. Other than that, you can also find that Fildena is available at higher doses than Viagra.

Fildena Extra Power

With Fildena Strong at 120mg of Sildenafil also comes Fildena Extra Power at 150mg of the same ingredient. Fildena Extra Power is suited for men who really want to get a stronger dose of their ED meds and whose bodies have begun tolerating the lower doses to the point that they don’t experience any more benefits.

An even Higher Dose for Powerful Results

An even Higher Dose for Powerful Results

It may seem dangerous for some to take a dose of Sildenafil that is higher than the standard, as Viagra is usually given with the highest dose at 100mg, but previous clinical studies have shown that Sildenafil can be ingested in safe amounts to up to 200mg.This isn’t to say, of course, that you should be taking this medication without caution. Your best bet is to speak to your doctor about taking this drug, as if you go directly to this large amount of the drug, you may experience some severe side effects that could harm your health, so it is best to take this only if absolutely necessary.


Erectile dysfunction pills can be a real lifesaver for many men who still want to be sexually active but cannot do so because of erectile dysfunction. Added to the roster of ED pills is Fildena Strong, a 120mg dose of Sildenafil citrate tablets created by the reliable company called Fortune Health Care. This drug is specifically outfitted with a higher dose of the main component in order to bring about a greater effect compared to regular doses. For men who have tried Sildenafil based tablets like Viagra in the past, taking a larger dose may just be the key to helping them get back to their former glory.

While Sildenafil is a medication that has been around for a long time, Fildena has only reached its time in the spotlight just recently. As such, it is important that you do your own research about this drug to make sure that you are taking an authentic pill. You should make sure you tell your doctor about this drug and get the right prescription for it. You should also ensure that you are buying it from a reliable vendor by referring to our list of trustworthy online pharmacies here. Check our List of Recommended Virtual Pharmacies that sell quality Fildena in different dosages and forms.