Fildena Chewable: Fast-Acting Sildenafil Form

In a notched shell what Fildena chewable drug means is that you can chew it instead of swallowing it with water like regular pills. Not everyone likes to swallow pills especially if they are bitter. You can also choose to lick these drugs like a lollipop. They dissolve very fast and gets absorbed into your body quickly too. Some of the chewable fildena are;

• Fildena 50
• Fildena 100
• Fildena Extra Power
• Fildena Strong
• Fildena Super Active
• Fildena Professional

Packet of Chewable Fildena

They all contain sildenafil as an active ingredient. Mind you, the fact that you can lick or chew them doesn’t make them less effective. They are more effective than most erectile dysfunction drugs in the market. The advantage they have over other drugs is that they dissolve very fast. This allows your body to absorb and start working immediately. Fildena chewable drugs are manufactured by Fortune Healthcare. They are a reputable company that has the US-FDA approval.

You can buy any of these chewable Fidena from an online or local pharmacy. The best place to buy a chewable Fildena drug is from an online pharmacy because they are cheaper. Most local pharmacies sell this drugs at exorbitant prices. Some online pharmacies give a discount to patients who buy in large quantity. If you buy up to 30 pills and above you may likely get a discount of 30 percent and above. We have carefully made a list of top online pharmacies that sell Fildena chewable drugs at an affordable price. They can also deliver same to you notwithstanding your location discreetly. Your privacy is guaranteed.
These drugs are prescription drugs. If you are allergic to swallowing drugs, your doctor may recommend a chewable Fildena. They are very easy to use. Just throw a pill into your mouth and lick it like a lollipop.

Fildena Fruit Chew Reviews

It is often rare to find men leaving comments behind after using an erectile dysfunction drug. Men don’t like discussing their sexual life with others especially if they can’t fulfill their conjugal obligations properly. In this case, we were able to obtain comments from patients who couldn’t hide their joy after using a chewable Fildena. They were impressed and commended the manufacturers of these drugs. For instance, Richard Peterson said that chewable Fildena was better than the conventional drugs that in the typical hard pill form. James Serrano was not only impressed with the drug’s performance, but also with the cost of the drug.

Comments of patients who used chewable Fildena

Comments of patients who used chewable Fildena

Fildena Fruit Chew 100mg Price

Usually, such drugs are supposed to cost a fortune but you can get it cheaper than the regular Viagra. You can buy a pill of chewable Fildena for USD 0.87 while the regular Viagra sell higher by almost 200 percent. Consult our List of Online Pharmacies to find a reliable provider for Fildena Soft Chews.

Price list of chewable Fildena

Price list of chewable Fildena

Don’t chew more than the number prescribed by your doctor. The fact that it is sweet doesn’t take away the fact that it a drug. If you use more than prescribed by your doctor, it may lead to severe side effects.

Chewable Fildena Side Effects

There is a misconception that chewable drugs don’t have side effects if consumed more than prescribed. This is not true and has no basis. If you use more than prescribed by your doctor, it may lead to severe side effects. Don’t get carried away by the taste and use more than required. Most erectile dysfunction drugs laced with sildenafil have side effects. Some of these side effects are tolerable and can disappear with 2 two days. However, if they don’t stop after 2 days please consult your doctor. Some of the side effects you may notice are headaches, nausea, heartburn, back pain, and weakness. In very rare cases you may notice prolonged erection and fainting. A prolonged erection can damage your penis if urgent steps are not taken to deal with the situation. After using this drug, your erection is supposed to last for at least for 4 hours.

There are certain factors that may also worsen the side effects such as the last medication you took, your medical history and health status. If you have had a stroke before, you need to see a doctor before you use this drug. The doctor will know the right dose that will suit your system.


We have mentioned it earlier that caution should be applied while using these drugs. Always have it at the back of your mind that they are not lollipop even though they taste like one. In any event, you take an overdose; please quickly visit a poison control center or your doctor. Follow your doctor’s instructions. Any form of self-medication is highly prohibited. If you want to increase or reduce your dose, please contact your doctor.

In other not to buy fake products, you can patronize any of the online pharmacies on the list. They are reliable and efficient. They can also deliver the drug to your location within a few days of placing your order. They also have certified doctors who can examine your health and prescribe the right dose to suit you. If you’re suffering from low or high blood pressure, you need to get a doctor’s prescription. This is in your own interest.

When you visit your doctor, don’t hide vital information from him. Whatever you tell them will be a guide to prescribing the best dosage for you. Don’t use two different types of erectile dysfunction drugs at a time.

Store at a room temperature and it away from children, teenagers, pets, and women.