Erec-f Review: Easy to Take, Yet Quick to Work Sildenafil Drug

Brand: Erec-f

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Laboratorios de Aplicaciones Médicas, SRL

Country of Manufacture: Dominican Republic.

Erec-f Package Image

Review and Description

Erec-F is easy to use medicine for erectile dysfunction, similar to a berry-flavored, chewable Viagra. It is based on sildenafil, a pill that increases guanosine monophosphate in corpus cavernous of the penis, thus increasing nitric oxide, which in end results in an improved erection. Though there are many copies of Viagra, this drug stands out, due to its flavor and ease of use. Many men would prefer taking a tablet that can be chewed as per need, rather than to be taken with water.

Laboratorios de Aplicaciones Médicas (LAM) of Dominican Republic (a Caribbean nation) produces this drug. It is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing company in the region and produces more than 300 generics for treatment of most of the common diseases. It may not be a huge corporation, but surely quite big and known company in the region. The company is local FDA approved and follows the good manufacturing practices. However, we must also bring to the attention of readers, that the Dominican Republic is not known for very high regulatory norms. The pharmaceutical industry in the country is still not very developed and is known to produce products of medium quality. The company has only one brand for treatment of erectile dysfunction, and that is Erec-F, it is available as simple tablets and as flavored chewable tablets. Erec-F chewable is sold in 50 mg and 100 mg and can be bought in 2 flavors, berry and menthol. We must also mention, that though the addition of flavor makes medicine easier to chew, it may affect its pharma-kinetics and decrease effectiveness. LAM is not a research-based company, and thus lack the data to show that their composition is as good as original Viagra.

Customer Reviews

When any product is made in new drug form, like chewable instead of a simple tablet, or added flavor, then the customer reviews and clinical data becomes extremely important to understand the effectiveness of the pill. In the case of Erec-F, both of these things are absent. Our experience shows that very few companies can make effective Viagra with added flavor. Usually chewable and flavored tablets from the small manufacturers are less efficient as compared to the Viagra. LAM as a company is not known outside the Dominican Republic for the quality drugs. Thus we have no reason to trust the quality of its products. It is no secret that regulatory norms in the Caribbean region are very poor. Thus one must practice caution in choosing such drug as Eric-F.

Pricing and Dosage

We cannot quote the price of this product as it is not seen on any online pharmacy. There is similarly named product of Egyptian origin, which can be found in some pharmacies, but not Eric-F. This pill comes in two doses, 50 mg, and 100 mg. It is sold in two flavors, berry and menthol flavor.  Also, Eric F can be bought from pharmacies in the Dominican Republic, either as simple tablets or chewable tablets.

How to Buy Erec-f Online

How to Buy Erec-f Online

You would be fortunate if you can find this product on any online pharmacy. It is a young brand and is only available for sale in the Dominican Republic. In fact, the manufacturer of this drug LAM is not known much for its export activities. It is a company that is more focused on meeting the domestic needs, with few drugs being retailed in other nearby countries.

How to Use

As Erec-F is a flavored, chewable tablet, it should be kept in the most accessible place, and just need to be chewed and hour before you feel like having sex. Usually, this pill will work well for up to 6 hours, though some men have reported that they feel the effect of the drug for as long as 24 hours.

Chewable tablets are claimed to start working faster, as fast as 15 minutes, though lots depend upon the manufacturer of the tablets.

Side Effects

Side effects with Erec-F happen only occasionally, if it is used in the recommended dose, and most of them will be transient. A headache, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, disturbed vision and facial flushing are common though tolerable unwarranted effects of the drug.

Sildenafil has mild anti-hypertensive action; this means that if you are taking any medicines for blood pressure, you may need to decrease the dose.

Conclusion with Rating

Erec – F is a sildenafil with a twist, there is surely something different about this brand. Not many companies are offering the treatment of impotence in the form of easily chewable and nicely flavored tablet. It makes easy for men, to use when and as needed, they can always carry the tablet with them, and take it, without having to look for a glass of water or trying to swallow a pill without water.

However, we were discouraged to know that there are no online reviews for this product. Therefore we have no way to know about the effectiveness of this product. Our experience with chewable tablets show that usually, they are quick to work, but their action is slightly weaker than the classical tablet that has to be swallowed with water.

We give this product a 3-star rating, a product that is worth a try, only if you can get it. The product is not reviewed and rarely sold by online pharmacies. The manufacturer is also not much known outside the Caribbean. Finally, keep in mind that we do not recommend to start any therapy without prior consultation with a doctor.