Cost of Sildenafil: How Much Will It Cost You to Acquire This Erectile Dysfunction Drug?

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Sildenafil Package

Sildenafil citrate which is more commonly known to people as “Viagra” has been the most trusted treatment for erectile dysfunction for years now. The reason as to why people trust Sildenafil over any other drug is that this drug produces great results.

The original Viagra from Pfizer may seem expensive. This is not something that anyone has to worry about anymore. Since 2013, after Pfizer lost its UK patent for Viagra, a lot of companies have taken this opportunity and made it easier for everyone to access Sildenafil at much lower prices through producing what is referred to as sildenafil generic.

What Is Sildenafil Generic?

Before Pfizer lost its Viagra patent in the UK, there was no generic Viagra available in the market. For this sole reason, the cost of sildenafil was always high. Now, that other companies have the ability to manufacture sildenafil generic, this has presented Pfizer with competition forcing them to lower their prices and to produce their own generic Sildenafil to compete with generic manufacturers. This has made sildenafil even more affordable.

To be clear here, the good effects that those who use generic sildenafil experience immediately after they start using it, are all similar to what anyone using Viagra from Pfizer experiences.

These great effects include:

  • Treating erectile dysfunction. Men who have used generic Sildenafil reported that within a period of 25 minutes after taking this drug, erectile dysfunction was gone.
  • Allowing men to last longer in bed. Men who previously lacked the ability to last long enough in bed, after taking sildenafil generic have been able to do so.

Generic Sildenafil, also called generic Viagra has the same active ingredient as Viagra manufactured by Pfizer. This explains why they both have the same effects.

On top of sildenafil generic offering you the same health advantages you get from taking Viagra from Pfizer, it doesn’t even require a prescription.

This makes it possible for anyone to acquire it online. But, where exactly can you get this drug at the best affordable cost?

Buy Sildenafil Online

A lot of online pharmacies claiming to offer sildenafil generic at the best cost have cropped up online. It sometimes proves hard to locate the best pharmacies online from which you can buy generic sildenafil and be sure that what you receive is genuine.

Sildenafil generic 25mg, 50mg and 100mg

Sildenafil generic 25mg, 50mg and 100mg

Fortunately, to make sure you don’t order generic sildenafil from an online drug store and get what you didn’t ask for, we have our list of online pharmacies that you can trust. The shops included here are the best places where you can order generic sildenafil and receive just what you asked for. These drug stores are the only ones present online that offer quality products and at the best price.

When buying anything online, it is essential to make sure that you know the background of the company that you are buying it from.

This makes sure that you don’t lose your money to companies that present themselves to you as genuine although they are scams.

All the drug stores that you will find in this article are all genuine. This means that your chances of being scammed or receiving what you didn’t order are down to zero. Now, what are the best prices for sildenafil 100mg?

Sildenafil Price 100mg vs Viagra Price

The highest dosage you can take when you are using sildenafil generic is 100mg. But, what does ordering this cost you?

Viagra from Pfizer 100mg

Viagra from Pfizer 100mg

As this article mentioned earlier on, there are a variety of online pharmacies from which you can get this drug. This means the cost you get from one pharmacy may vary from the one you get the same drug from another drug store.

The prices outlined here are supposed to act just as a guide. Earlier in this article mentioned that sildenafil generic and Viagra from Pfizer all have the same health effects. This article is going to give you the prices for both of these drugs so that you find it much easier to purchase what you like. Remember, both of them have the same active ingredient.

The costs of generic sildenafil for each 100mg tablet are as follows:

  • For every 4 tablets you get, you have to pay $14.50.
  • For every 8 tablets, you pay only $27.93.
  • For every 16 tablets, the cost is $44.86.
  • For 32 tablets, the cost is $83.26.

The cost at which you get Viagra from Pfizer is $65 per pill. One thing to note when purchasing Viagra is that the 50mg tablet has the same cost as the 100mg tablet. What this means is that you will have the ability to save money when you purchase the 100mg tablet.


In a market full of generic sildenafil brands, its cost is not an issue anymore. With so many companies producing high-quality sildenafil and at the same time competing with Pfizer, the cost is destined to stay within the affordable range.

Generic sildenafil is available in many drug stores online. Also, since generic sildenafil does not necessarily require a doctor’s prescription as compared to Viagra from Pfizer, it is easy to acquire it at the best possible cost online.

But you have to be careful about which drugstore you decide to order Sildenafil generic from. The major reasons as to why you have to be careful include:

  • As a consumer, you may end up receiving counterfeited products.
  • You may get ripped off all your cash by drugstores which present themselves as genuine although they are in fact scams.

To avoid being scammed and receiving counterfeit goods, it is essential you use the pharmacies we recommend.

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