Best Canadian Online Pharmacy – Which One is the Best?

Canadian Online Pharmacies are getting more and more popular with consumers due to their utterly low prices for otherwise expensive treatments, especially for erectile dysfunction. The notion of Canadian online drugstores being notoriously cheap is based on the fact that medicines in Canada are more affordable than in the United States, due to legislations monitoring drug prices and encouraging the sale of generic medicines instead of the brand products. The United States, on the other hand, is more protective of big pharmaceutical companies, hence the patent exclusivities for most of the big names in the pharmaceutical industry, like Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Bayer, GSK, and so on.
Best Canadian Online Pharmacy choices are available for consumers internationally—they are not limited to buyers residing in the United States or in places nearby Canada. Because there is a surplus of stores claiming to be “Canadian” online pharmacies, how can customers choose the right ones?

Canadian Online Pharmacies: What Are They?

Before delving into choosing the best Canadian Online Pharmacy, let us first define what “Canadian” online pharmacies are. When we say Canadian online pharmacies, they can be the following things:
● Canada-based online drugstores that are fully online – Some “Canadian” online pharmacies are actually based and licensed in Canada. However, these stores fulfill orders via shipment only—they do not have a physical store that caters to buyers nearby.
● Canada-based online drugstores with physical stores – These are Canadian online pharmacies based in Canada, legitimately operating in Canada, and are selling their medicines online but also dispensing meds locally in Canada
● Canadian online pharmacies not in Canada – In some cases, some “Canadian” online pharmacies are not really Canadian—they are offshore online drugstores with stocks from various warehouses in the world. Some of these stores have their licenses from Canada, whilst others just included “Canada” in their names without no particular reason.

Best Canadian Online Pharmacy – Which One is the Best?
An Example of a Canadian Online Pharmacy

It is actually hard to decipher if an online drugstore is a legitimate Canadian pharmacy because some online pharmacies do not indicate their actual locations. Some online drugstores only include “Canada” in their names so they can be identified with the legitimate Canadian online drugstores.

Another Example of a Canadian Online Pharmacy
Another Example of a Canadian Online Pharmacy

Since it is almost impossible to weed out the nefariously operating online drugstores from the real ones, it is imperative that buyers know what the real Canadian online drugstores are before seeking to find the “best” Canadian online pharmacy in the market. Canadian online pharmacies are often too misleading, especially the scam ones since they look similar to the real Canada online drugstores and they offer the same unbelievable cut-rate prices for the brand and generic medications.
To help you out with searching for the best Canadian online pharmacy in the market, there are several things you need to consider so you won’t end up dealing with a well-disguised scam site.
Canadian online pharmacies (those legitimately operating, anyway) tend to have several certifications and memberships from key associations based in Canada. Some of them include the following:
● CIPA Rx – Canadian International Pharmacy Association
● CPA – Canadian Pharmacists Association
● IPABC – International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia
● MIPA – Manitoba International Pharmacists Association
Most legitimately operating Canadian online pharmacy stores have at least one or two of these accreditations and these seals of approval guarantee the soundness of the online drugstore buyers are transacting with. However, in some cases, some shrewd online drugstores merely slap on these approvals so they can trick buyers into purchasing from them.
To avert these online scams, there are several things you can do to verify the status of any Canadian-claiming online drugstore:
First, you can verify the status of their alleged CIPA Rx approval. Authentic CIPA Rx members provide the link to the CIPA website for verification. If the store does not have a direct link to the CIPA website, you should start to get leery of the store and double check its status by manually visiting CIPA’s website (

Canadian International Pharmacy Association or CIPA Rx Domain Assessment Website
Canadian International Pharmacy Association or CIPA Rx Domain Assessment Website

You can enter the details of the website you’re assessing to see if it is actually a legit member of CIPA Rx or not. According to CIPA, it only has 66 legitimate members so consumers should be vigilant in checking the status of the “Canadian” drugstore they’re dealing with.
Apart from CIPA, other organizations like CPA, MIPA, and IPABC also offer counter-checks and verifications of their legitimate members to assist consumers in finding legitimate and best Canadian online pharmacy stores.
If the search on CIPA Rx’s database is inconclusive, you can also try other domain assessing websites that are capable of checking other aspects of an online drugstore. Platforms like Scam Adviser and Legit Script are perfect examples of websites that can provide insight into specifics of several online pharmacies.

Scam Adviser Website
Scam Adviser Website

For instance, the platform Scam Adviser can give light to an online drugstore’s history, ranking, and its safety profile. This online platform can tell you if a Canadian online pharmacy is safe to use, or if it is questionable and does not offer buyer protection via a legitimate SSL certificate.

Legit Script Website
Legit Script Website

On the other hand, Legit Script, another domain checking platform, informs buyers on a website’s “legitimate” or “rogue” status. Legit Script and Scam Adviser check domains against international rules and regulations for proper website operations and pharmacy laws (Legit Script) to determine if online suppliers are validly operating or not.

How do I find a reliable online pharmacy?

To find a reliable Canadian Online pharmacy, you can perform the checks we’ve mentioned above to make sure that the store is indeed a Canada-based or licensed online drugstore. Apart from the things above, you can also do the following things:
● Check a website’s reputation by looking at its existing reviews – Reviews are great since they provide first-hand accounts of buyer experiences with a particular online drugstore. However, make sure that you’re looking into legitimate, third-party reviews and none of those “fake” on-site reviews commonly created by online drugstores to trick consumers into believing that they are reliable.
● Check a website’s history – Online drugstores, Canadian or not, are more reliable if they are “older”. Seasoned online drugstores, naturally, are more trustworthy than the others. However, you still need to verify if an online drugstore is actually truthful with its statements concerning its operation history. You can verify a store’s age by looking into detailed reports from Scam Adviser, Legit Script, or by checking internet archives for the website in question.
● Verify a store’s accreditations – As we’ve mentioned, you should look into the accreditations presented at online pharmacies (not necessarily Canadian online pharmacies). While a store may present several accreditations, you still need to check if they are real, by visiting the corresponding websites of the associations related to the certifications presented by the drugstore.
● Verify if a store is selling FDA certified products – Certifications are important, but you should also check if an online store is selling legal products. Beware of shops selling narcotics, scheduled substances, addictive medicines like benzodiazepines, and similar medications. Make sure that the shop you’re choosing at least has the local FDA certifications for its products.
● Prescriptions – Make sure that the best Canadian online pharmacy you’re choosing is asking for actual prescriptions or will contact your doctor for your prescription endorsements—this is in compliance to the international regulations when it comes to drug dispensing amongst online users.
● Check the store’s responsiveness and verify its contact numbers – Good communication is a quality you should look for when searching for the best online drugstore, Canadian or not. Try using the numbers advertised on websites and try using their chat support and email support to see if they are responsive enough to your inquiries.
This particular checklist is not exhaustive of the measures you need to take when searching for the best Canadian online pharmacy, so you can get creative when verifying online pharmacies to use for your medical needs. If you want a faster solution when it comes to finding the best Canadian online pharmacy, just make use of our Top Vendors list with the best online drugstores in the market today.

Canadian Online Pharmacy Viagra Prices versus Local Drugstore Prices

One of the most significant benefits of online drugstores over the regular local pharmacies is the price. Buyers can indeed save a lot of money opting for online pharmacy stores than local drugstores. Here are price comparisons for local pharmacy prices and online drugstore prices:

Local Drugstore Price for Viagra 100 mg from Pfizer
Local Drugstore Price for Viagra 100 mg from Pfizer

For the drug Viagra from Pfizer, the leading erectile dysfunction treatment in the market, the drug is priced at $69.15 to $74 per 100 mg tablet alone. For most consumers, the price range for the product is too burdensome, hence the need to consider cheaper alternatives.

Price for Viagra 100 mg
Price for Viagra 100 mg

As opposed to exorbitant local drugstore prices for Viagra from Pfizer, generic drug alternatives at web drugstores are cheaper; according to the price above, buyers can purchase generic Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra) for as low as $0.99 to $2.75 per tablet.


When choosing the best Canadian online pharmacy in the market, you need to consider several factors—you need to verify if the Canadian drugstore in question is legitimate or not. There are plenty of choices for the best Canadian online drugstore, waiting for buyers to find them—armed with the right knowledge of verified and legitimate online pharmacies, you can search for the best Canadian online pharmacy manually and end up getting good prices for the meds you like. However, if you want a faster way of searching for web drugstores, use our list of online drugstores verified legit by their former consumers.